Please Note:

Contact methods & response times: 

I receive many new inquiries daily, and I can not respond to calls or messages when I am actively engaged in supervising or training dogs, so it may take a significant amount of time (i.e. one to two weeks) for me to respond to new client inquiries during busy times. This contact form is the best way for NEW clients to hear back from me as quickly as possible (existing clients may text). Thank you for your understanding and patience. Some of your initial questions may be answered in the FAQs on either the Boarding or Training pages (scroll down to see them), so be sure to check those out.



Currently I am booking Board & Train consults and boarding "meet & greets" for early December 2023, with Board & Train session spots available in February 2024. For regular boarding, THANKSGIVING IS FULLY BOOKED, and the end of year holidays are filling quickly. Other than that I am open EXCEPT for January 6-27, 2024.

While boarding availability is generally good once you have already completed your meet & greet appointment, holidays (including spring break, holiday weekends, Thanksgiving, and end of year holidays) and busy summer months may have limited availability. It's always best to book well in advance of desired dates to ensure availability, although I will do my best to fit regular clients in.