Puppy Training Camp

young happy black lab puppy sitting and smiling during puppy training camp

Puppy Training Camp

Start your puppy off right by investing in Puppy Training Camp at Sierra Dogs during their first year. Our customized puppy Board & Train program for healthy puppies 12 weeks and older helps your puppy become a good family member by teaching them manners, foundation behaviors, and socialization. Puppies stay in the home of a certified professional trainer and behavior consultant, so they learn manners in real-life situations.

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How does it work?

  • 1 Book an initial 90-minute consultation: Bring your puppy to Sierra Dogs and receive an individualized training plan and recommendations – a “training roadmap.” If we agree that Puppy Training Camp is appropriate for your puppy, we will schedule your puppy's stay. The initial consultation costs $275 which will be applied to the Board & Train, if booked.
  • 2 Your puppy comes to stay, learn, and have fun! We call you weekly with brief updates, and post daily photos online.
  • 3 We meet at the end of your puppy's stay to teach you about what they learned and how to maintain and practice their new skills. We will also schedule follow-up support and coaching sessions.


These fees include the initial consultation, the Board & Train stay with weekly update phone calls, the hand-off session with written report, and two or three follow-up coaching sessions as needed, plus reasonable phone/email/text support to ensure that the training and behaviors transfer back to their home with you and that you have the necessary information and tools to practice with your puppy.

*PLEASE NOTE:  the vast majority of puppies fall into the 4 week or 5 week range; we work on a multitude of behaviors simultaneously (socialization, dog-dog skills, mouthing, jumping, basic cues, leash skills, comfort with handling, etc), and need this amount of time in order to get sufficient practice in place to begin building good habits.  Three week Board & Trains will only be considered for special circumstances, such as when significant training has already been completed, and the additional training goals are more limited in scope.

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Happy Dogs, Happy People

“Eden is the best. Milo has been going since he was six months old, and he always comes back fitter, and better behaved, than when he left. And it makes us feel good to know that he is being so well cared for and is hanging out with buddies.“

—Sarah G., Milo’s mom