Managing puppy behavior

chocolate lab puppy lying down chewing on a white shoe

Puppies are hard. They require constant supervision. They have needle-sharp teeth and think it’s great fun to chew on your hands or clothes. They pee and poo and chew and jump and bite and bark and eat inappropriate/unsafe things.  It is normal to feel frustration when raising a puppy.  It is normal to need a…

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Spotlight: SMART x50 Dog Training Concept

This month’s spotlight is on the training approach of SMART x50 which is from the book “Plenty in Life Is Free” by Kathy Sdao.  This concept is a key component of my own training approach, and is one that I discuss with nearly all my clients.  Read on for more about this helpful guiding principle…

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Goals & Achievements

Today as I launch my new and improved website, it seems fitting to reflect briefly on the past, present, and future of Sierra Dogs.  Almost 20 years have passed since I began working professionally with dogs, and in that time I have relocated the business (2007 from SF to Placerville), honed in ever further on…

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